Modified Plant Design

Castel del Monte

Geometric Design — Phase II


The plant layout of Castel del Monte is derived following a geometric design process outlined in the Plant Concept Design. The plant layout is complete at the end of the Concept Design process, but is referred to as the first design phase because it is followed by a revision at the towers.

The modification is a separate geometric process that starts where the Concept Design ended. The plant design is modified in slight and nearly imperceptible ways, leaving the plant layout seemingly unchanged from the forms defined in the Concept Design phase. These changes, which are hardly noticeable, provide details such as the spandrels revealed by H. Götze and provide a closer match to the actual dimensions of the plant forms.

The second design phase also follows a strict geometric process that is outlined in the study section, below.

A slide presentation provides an alternative review of this design process.

Modified Plant Design — Slide Presentation
File 142-220

The plant modification in the second design phase is outlined in a slide-like review. The presentation shows a geometric, algorithm-like procedure hat morphs the plant design completed at the end of the Concept Design phase into the final plant layout. The final design matches perfectly the forms and dimensions at Castel del Monte.

Slide Presentation
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Modified Plant Design — Study
File 142-120

The Concept Design shows how the iconic forms of the plant layout at Castel del Monte emerge from a simple geometric form, the square, following a geometric, algorithm-like design procedure.

However, the concept design does not produce some detailed features, such as the irregularity of the tower octagonal form and the spandrels revealed by Götze.

The following study reveals a geometric design procedure that makes some slight, nearly imperceptible design modifications to the concept design plant layout.


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