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Castel del Monte
Castel del Monte

Plant Concept Design

(File 140-110)

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        Concept Design Objective

The conceptualization of this castle most certainly involved iterative and collaborative studies among the mathematicians and philosophers at the court of Frederic II. Eventually the creative work resulted in the concept of an edifice with an octagonal shaped plant and an octagonal tower at each of the eight corners of the plant octagon. This is the iconic shape of the castle plant, which can be seen form a high point of view nowadays. This view, which is essential to visualize the octagonal form of the castle plant and towers, could only be imagined in the Middle Ages or shown on paper.

The objective in the concept design phase is to define the plant layout, which is outlined in folio 102, below. It is the skeleton of the bearing structures at the ground floor.

The presentation shows how the design was accomplished following a strict geometric process, much like an origami sequence. The plant dimension verification is performed after making some modifications to the towers, the second design phase addressed in the Plant Modified Design section.

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