Castel del Monte
Castel del Monte

Plant Concept Design

(File 140-110)

Page 10

        Tower Design and Population

The tower horizontal cross section has an octagonal shape that extends straight up from its base to the roof line, folio 110:01. Not all sides of the tower are visible. Two of the octagon sides are incorporated into the façade wall; details are addressed later.

In the plant design, a tower octagon is drawn in the ring space at each corner inside the base octagon, folio 110:02. As indicated in earlier pages, the insertion can be done by transposing and fitting an octagon inside the ring space (folio 107:03), or using a geometric construction process (folios 108:02 through 108:07).

While a geometric construction would be easier on paper, the insertion process would be easier in the field using a template. The repetition of the same drawing process, eight times over, is an argument for the insertion consideration, rather then the geometric construction.

For the actual construction in the field, a wooden frame of the tower octagon would be built first and used as a template. The frame would be moved into each corner of the base octagon to mark the exact location and orientation for the foundation of each of the eight towers.

This approach would ensure the reproduction in the field of the exact same octagon at each of the eight tower sites.

In either case, the net result is that a tower octagon is located at each of the eight corners of the base octagon, folio 110:03.

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