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Castel del Monte

Plant Concept Design

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Plant Concept Design — The End

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The End

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Plant Modified Design

The Plant Concept Design outlines a geometric design process for the iconic plant layout of Castel del Monte: octagonal towers at the corners of an octagonal plant surrounding an octagonal courtyard. This reproduces the overall features of the plant, including dimensions that are very close. However, it lacks some details that were added in a second phase of the design. The towers, for example, do not appear to be perfect octagons when measuring the visible side.

Modifications were made to the concept design starting at the towers. These modifications are very small, retaining nearly unchanged the overall look of the plant layout and preserving some key dimensions first set in the concept design, such as the dimension for the cross vaults.

The question of why, when, and who made these modifications is an intriguing issue. The facts are that the concept design is a pristine, geometrically perfect layout, but the actual plant layout cast in stone is a slightly distorted version.

A following study, the plant modified design, reveals a succeeding geometric process that reconciles the forms and dimension now cast in stone to the concept design. This second design phase defines details that match plant features and dimensions perfectly.

The uniqueness of these geometric processes and the perfect matching of plant forms and dimensions are proof that these are the design methodologies that were followed at the height of the Middle Ages in the design of Castel del Monte.

Plant Modified Design


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