Castel del Monte
Castel del Monte

Modified Plant Design

(File 142-110)

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        Reduced Tower Wall Consideration

Another solution to increase the open space inside the tower is to simply reduce the thickness of the tower wall. This too is not an attractive approach and was not taken.

First, there is the matter of the tower role, which is that of a pier. Not having the means or notion to determine the right amount of masonry needed for the pier, the architect let geometry define the right amount of masonry by means of a geometric definition of the thick wall. Reducing the thickness of the walls reduces the masonry mass, thus reducing the effectiveness of the tower functioning as a pier.

Second, it deviates from the pure geometric approach, which was not just a means but also a goal in this enterprise, to achieve a design completely defined by geometry. Therefore, reducing the thickness of this wall by an arbitrary amount to open up the space at the center of the tower defeats the geometric design integrity.

Staying within a continuous and interconnected geometric process was an imperative in the plant design. This is evidenced in the concept design where all measures are interconnected and all variables are dependent except for one.

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