Castel del Monte
Castel del Monte

Modified Plant Design

(File 142-110)

Page 9

        Tower Enlargement Completion

A number of features need to be adjusted to complete the tower octagon enlargement.

The footing is an octagon concentric to the tower octagon. The separation distance between the tower octagon and the footing octagon is the footing width.

The footing width for the enlarged tower is kept unchanged at the measure f defined in the concept design. Therefore, the new footing is drawn as an octagon concentric to the enlarged tower octagon with the separation distance f, folio 109:01.

The next item is the wall for the new tower. Keeping the same dimension a for the tower wall as defined in the concept design, an octagon is drawn inside the enlarged tower octagon with the separation distance a, folio 109:02.

The open space inside the enlarged tower is now larger than the tower open space in the concept design.

Lastly there is the changes to the base octagon to consider. The base octagon corners are anchored at the outside corners of the eight tower octagons, which now are corners E'. Corner E' is located at the distance k away from the concept design tower outside corner E. The measure k is the footing width in the plant corner direction.

The radius of the plant octagon is thus enlarged by the footing measure k, folio 109:03.

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