Castel del Monte
Castel del Monte

Modified Plant Design

(File 142-110)

Page 14

        Minor Diagonal Issues

The remaining issue caused by the tower enlargement is the location of the cross vault. The intersection of the plant octagon minor diagonals defines the cross vault location, but these diagonals and their intersections have changed following the tower enlargement and the façade wall adjustments.

The relocation of the plant minor diagonal from corner E to corner E', which overlaps the footing corner EE in the concept design, causes the minor diagonal intersection to move closer to the façade wall, folio 114:01.

In addition, the relocated minor diagonals cross from the façade wall to the tower trough a masonry opening. This is a triangular notch in the wall face where the tower is attached to the façade wall, folio 114:01. This is the corner notch that opens up following the tower enlargement as first discussed on page 112.

It is a gap in masonry continuity from the façade wall to the tower along the plant minor diagonal. This is the line for the masonry struts that transmits the cross vault lateral trust to the tower pier. The gap in the masonry breaks up the function of this line to serve as masonry strut.

This gap is also an architectural blemish in the continuity and smooth look of the outdoor face of the façade wall, an eye-sore if the castle were to be built this way.

These are conflicting issues not resolved by just filling in the corner notch with masonry, folio 114:01.

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