Castel del Monte
Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte

A Window in Medieval Design Science

A study of geometry as the catalyst in the medieval design planning for Castel del Monte.

There are separate facets of the study, phases in the design, and various topics in the review.

Introduction, Castel del Monte Introduction Concept Plant Design, Folio 140 Web Pages   Slides   Short Slides Modified Plant Design, Folio 142 Web Pages     Slides
Math Model, Folio 144 Design Math Model Cross Vault Technology, Folder 172 Cross Vault Technologys Porta lWing Dsign 146 Web Pages     Slides
Elevation Design, 152 Web Pages     Slides Papers, Articles, and other Writing, Folder 152 Study Writings Photo Album, Folio 152 2010-Photos

A Guide Digest provides information on documentation layout, selections, and navigation, most helpful for sections I and II.

The numbers on the panels follow the study progression as well as the design evolution; some parts of the study and design build upon prior findings.

Section I is the fundamental step in the geometric design of castel del Monte, showing how the ground plan was developed in a strict geometric derivation process from a single figure, the square — the Concept Plant Design.

Section II shows a major modification made to the Concept Design, again following a strict geometric process; an amazing accomplishment — the Modified Plant Design.

Section III shows how the geometric algorithm predicates exactly the plant dimensions, while identifying the unit of linear measurement.

Section IV outlines a brief history of cross-vault construction technology, followed by a discussion on the solution to cross-vault lateral trusts at Castel del Monte and the solution with flying-buttresses at the tall cathedrals.

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